The Mysteries of Number 7

Know the mystery of number 7

Among all the primary numbers, number 7 is known as the number of mystery due to the following reasons.

  1. There are seven main physical planets in the zodiac.
  2. There are seven continents in the world.
  3. There are seven colors in the rainbow.
  4. There are seven days in a week.
  5. There are seven seas on the Earth.
  6. There are seven petals in the Lotus, the Sacred Seat of Lord Buddha, regarded as the most sacred flower by the people of the Eastern countries.
  7. Lord Venkateswara, regarded as the incarnation of God (Maha Vishnu) in Kaliyuga by the hundreds of millions of Hindus (Indians), is known as the Lord of the Seven Hills, as He is situated on the seven hills near Tirupati in the Andhra Pradesh state in the southern part of India.

Additionally, the Christian Scripture, Genesis, refers to the following.

1.The seven heavens..
2. The seven thrones..
3. The seven seals..
4. The seven churches..

In Revelation, we come across seven spirits of God. Ezekiel speaks of “The seven angels of the Lord that go to and from through the whole earth.” It is also not without reason that there are seven generations from David to the birth of Lord Christ.

Substantiating the mystery of number 7, Egyptian religion repeatedly talks of the seven spirits. It is a known fact that the number 7 is regarded as the number of mystery by almost all major religions of the mankind.

Medically, it is established that every 7 years, biological changes take place in the chemistry of human beings, male and female. It is also most commonly said all over the world that every person on this Earth would have six other persons living somewhere with the similar features and facial looks making a total of seven persons of look alike for each and every one.