Taurus people always need guidance

All about Taurus personalities

Taurus (Vrishabha) : If your Lagna (ascendant) is Taurus (Vrishabha), you would be a workaholic and obedient to your masters. Working like a slave, you would always wait for further instructions to act from your superiors.

No other zodiacal sign is as obedient as you are and you never defy the orders of your bosses and no other sign of the zodiac is as affectionate as you are towards others. You are the symbol of love and affection.

Building up fortune step by step

You believe in enhancing your worth through hard work and building up your worth step by step. The problem with you is that you never properly use your intelligence on taking decisions but you would progress in life slowly through hard work. But you always need some good suggestions and guidance from elders and well wishers on how to progress in your life.

You love very much your family members, especially your daughters. You love your spouse as much as you love your daughters but you are not as expressive in case of your spouse as you are towards your other family members. You would go to any extent in encouraging your daughters in moulding their lives as creative and talented personalities.

You have a concern for your elder siblings, especially for your brothers but you never think of much about your younger siblings, especially about your sisters.

You have a penchant to build or buy a big and abundant dwelling unit with lot of ventilation and breeze for you and for your family, don’t you?

Fixed ideas and preconceived notions

You are a person of fixed ideas and preconceived notions and would not easily budge even in times of pressure. The greatness of your personality lies in supporting your spouse and extending a helping hand to him / her in both good and bag actions.

You would suffer silently if your spouse suffers and would celebrate if he succeeds in his / her endeavors. The flaw in you is that you would never discourage your spouse if he or she indulges in sinful activities.

Your suitable professions

You would strongly believe that your fortunes are linked to your profession and like to stick to one sort of activity mostly without much deviation. You wouldn’t mind facing insults and disgrace while your build up your profession.

Agriculture, government or private services, restaurants,  beauty, tourism, banking, finance,  law, fine and performing arts are some of the sectors that you can successfully establish your career.

There is one thing about you which must be mentioned here. You would waste away lot of money on useless and non-productive purposes. You are also accessible to addictions.

Astrological suggestions for you…

The flaw in your working style is that you would mostly depend on others for guidance. It is not wrong to seek guidance from others but sometimes, you may fail in assessing whether the suggestions you have received are wrong or right.

You would not be in a position to question your spouse when he or she goes wrong. This may not be correct on your part and you must develop the habit of questioning him /her whenever necessary.

Cultivate the habit of being flexible and accommodate varied thoughts in your mind. Try to take as much rest as possible.

Note: The above are the general characteristics of people of Taurus(Vrishabha) ascendant (Lagna) and they may be subject to small or big variations depending on the strength and weaknesses of planets and their combinations and aspects in natal charts.