Gemini people are shrewd, skilled and quick

All about Gemini personalities

Gemini (Mithunam) : If your Lagna (ascendant) is Gemini (Mithunam), you would be most intelligent and of witty nature. You would be blessed with the most appreciable or non-appreciable quality of acting according to the circumstances.

It is guaranteed that you are the most courageous and confident person than people of all other zodiacal signs. This means no other person on the earth is as confident as you are.

You wouldn’t be willing to express your confidence to the outside world. You have the capacity to hide your feelings and you would never claim that your confidence and courage are irrevocable. But you are very quick in responding to others’ comments and assertions.

Your body and soul are inseparable and no other person is as diplomatic as you are. You are blessed with a unique nature of acting contradictory to what you say to others.

You have a peculiar quality of opposing your own family members and you would be very expressive of that. But you would be fortunate to receive the love and affection of your people.

You are very clever and shrewd in reading the mentalities of people but you would never allow others to read your mind. Such a secretive person you are! Don’t get upset if someone says to you that you are prone to finding faults in the utterances and actions of others whereas you fail to see your flaws.

You would be deeply interested in enjoying your life and don’t mind changing your vehicles if your financial status permits that. You have a penchant for making use of new arrivals of electronic gadgets or new technology.

You would be accustomed to think in terms of commercial nature for each and everything and you would be willing to go ahead only when you are convinced of monetary benefits.

If you are badly influenced in your chart, you would tend to indulge in white-collar crimes. If you are a sports person, you may be indulging in adventurous sports.

You are just like an airy body and blessed with the capacity of accommodating yourself in a new place, new environment or new culture. No other person is as adjustable as you are.

Your suitable professions

You are best suited for commercial activity and if planets are favorably disposed, you can build up your business or industrial empire. But like others, you are also susceptible for suffering huge losses also.

You can also shine in mechanical, electrical, technical and computer segments and you can be the best auditor or accountant. You tend to think in an innovative way but your success depends on favorable disposition of planets in your chart.

Depending on the favors extended to you by Jupiter and Venus, and assuming that your Mercury is very strong in your chart, you can shine in fine arts and professions related to handicrafts. If Mars also favors you, you can be a good investigator.

Astrological suggestions for you…

You are prone to misunderstand your friends, cousins and colleagues while you think you are very fair to others. This may not be correct.

You would be deeply interested to probe others but you don’t like to be probed. When you expect something from others, be prepared to give the same things to others too,

Note: The above are the general characteristics of people of Gemini (Mithuna) ascendant (Lagna) and they may be subject to small or big variations depending on the strength and weaknesses of planets and their combinations and aspects in natal charts.