Sun in first house for Mesha Lagna

The implications of Sun’s presence in 1st house for Mesha Lagna

Aries is fiery, movable and male. Sun is also fiery. Sun is lord of Leo, a fiery sign.

If Sun is in Aries in first house, you have to say that Sun is in exaltation sign in Lagna. For Aries (Mesha) Lagna, Sun is 5th house lord.  This means Sun is present in Lagna in Aries as fifth house lord.  So, a fiery planet is present in a fiery sign.  

Sun, already fiery planet, becomes fierier with this. Even the sign too becomes fierier. Fire means energy.  It indicates more energy to the native. The native becomes more independent, authoritative and assertive.

He commands people, exercises irrevocable domination,  strives for name, fame, prestige in society, becomes flexible and generous too, shows honesty, takes initiatives, leads people, turns highly ambitious, courteous and courageous and maintains excellent resistance power. His bone power will be solid.

If Mars joins Sun …

If a strong Mars, lord of Aries, is also present in Lagna with Sun, both and Sun and Mars acquire further fire power and energy. Then, you can call the native’s body a bowl of fire.

In such a case, the native will have excessive energy and it would be helpful in increasing longevity too. But to balance his body with other elements, he should drink more water very frequently.

If Mars and Ketu join Sun …

If Ketu, also a fiery planet, joins Sun and Mars in Aries, or Ketu is present in fifth or ninth house, the above symptoms will further escalate multi fold. 

Such a native is prone to be exposed to fiery things. The native may work in following fields:

  1. Factories having boilers or furnaces
  2. Electricity department
  3. Fire department and cement industries
  4. Lighting and heating equipment industries

Or if other factors cooperate, the native:

  1. May hold a position in Government
  2. Can be a medical professional
  3. Can also be a pharmacist

If other combinations are favorable, the native can shine:

  1. As a politician
  2. As a high level administrator in private or government organization
  3. As a police or security or military officer
  4. As an arms dealer
  5. As a head of department

These results would take place only when both Sun and Mars are strong in the chart and Ketu also receives some benefic influences.