Aries people quick to decide but fast to change

All about Aries personalities

Aries ( Mesha ) : If your Lagna (ascendant) is Aries (Mesha), yours is a heat body and you would be full of energy. You would a fiery personality seeking to command everyone around you. You want to be the first among equals and work aggressively when you have tasks in hand.

Depending on your moods, you may be angry or compassionate towards people and you would prove there are no limitations to your anger or compassion. You are a hard nut to crack.

Quick in taking decisions and fast in changing them

You would be aggressive in love, industrious in work, quick in taking decisions and fast in changing opinions about people. You don’t mind spending longer hours at your table in the process of reaching your targets. No other zodiacal sign is as short-tempered as you are and you are best known for taking spur-of- the-moment decisions.

You don’t mind borrowing funds from various sources whenever necessary and helping known and unknown people when you have excess funds.

Ruthless towards rivals

You would be ruthless to your professional rivals and enemies and may even turn violent when necessary. In whatever profession you are, you may want to reach the pinnacles and prove that you are a leader to reckon with. You would always feel sky is the limit for your activity or even for your name and fame.

You would love your father and make tall claims publicly and privately about his planning and execution skills. You would feel great about his preparation in every respect of life. But the problem with you is that don’t inherit your father’s qualities even at the lowest level. You love your mother very much but hate your siblings, especially the younger ones, don’t you?

You would like to be very causal in life and take a serious view of life only when you are facing a threat. You can be both spiritual at times and sinful at times and don’t mind going to extremities in whatever you do.

You would love your sons and daughters and never pose restrictions on them leaving the responsibility of shaping up their lives to them.

You have the capacity to be either frank or secretive depending on your natal chart. If you want to take on your rivals, you would explore both straight and short cut methods and choose the best options available to you.

Suitable professions

Real estate, politics, industrial administration, medical and surgical segments, Government service, security services, army, police and related fields are your best buy in life for career building. You don’t mind encouraging your spouse if he or she is interested in taking up business as his or her career.

Astrological suggestions for you…

Don’t be aggressive always and don’t show too much compassion towards others. And don’t take short-tempered and spur-of-the moment decisions. Don’t treat your own people, especially younger siblings as your enemies. Think a lot about the pros and cons of actions you are going to perform.

Drink more water, juices and eat ice creams to balance the heat element in your body. To keep you mind peaceful, give up vindictive attitude concentrate on your work.

Note: The above are the general characteristics of people of Aries (Mesha) ascendant (Lagna) and they may be subject to small or big variations depending on the strength and weaknesses of planets and their combinations and aspects in natal charts.