8, number of distress, melancholy

Advanced Numerology Lesson 27:

Number 8 is a number of loneliness and melancholy.

This is one of the numbers that people should be careful of at all times. It takes people towards spiritualism or rebellion depending on the influence of others numbers on people. It has got no midway characteristics as it can go to extremities. Number 8 can give happiness or sorrow depending on its association with other numbers. This number has been explained in detail in other lessons.

For a number 8 person, the following numbers are stated to be in vibration and harmony with his or her birth date.

6, 5 (in order of priority)

This order suggests that a number 8 person can have a name whose numerical value equals to 6 or 5 when the equivalent values of the letters of his or her name are added up.

Number 8 has not been included in the list of harmony numbers for reasons already explained.

If a number 8 person has already had a name which equals to 2 or 4 or 8 or any other number which is not in vibration with it numerically, he or she is advised to change his or her name as per the harmonious numbers suggested above. As a final alternative, a number 8 person can have a name which equals to its neutral number 3 which also considers 8 as a neutral number.

Suitable days for a number 8 person:
Friday, Wednesday, and Thursday (in order of priority)

Suitable dates for a number 8 person:
3, 5, 6, 12,14,15,21,23,24,30

The combination of a suitable date and day, like a Sunday falling on a 5th or 15th , on a 3rd or 23rd works out to be better for a number 8 person. Here also the preference goes first to Friday, Wednesday and then finally to Thursday.

Suitable colors and stones for a number 8 person:
White and silver colors and Yellow Sapphire 3 carats.

Suitable professions for a number 8 person
Anything related to the characteristics of number 8.