Leo people have their own set of rules

All about Leo personalities:

If your Lagna (ascendant) is Leo (Simham), you would be a personality who strongly believes in your own policy. You will be the king in your own fiefdom not caring for any one.

You would desire all around you to follow your rules literally and you don’t have the patience to accept violations. You have a jurisdiction and you don’t come out of it under any circumstances.

You have grown up with pre-conceived notions, fixed thoughts and fixed ideology and you don’t like to shed them, do you? You would not allow others to interfere in your life and tamper with your rule book. You would be ever ready to punish those who interfere in your work.

You are an independent personality and would ever like to be so. And the great thing about you is that you never surrender to others.

Except a few, all types of men and women develop interest in you and would like to be friends with you always because you have the power to create rules, change them and recreate them as per your will and pleasure.

You may be a dynamic personality but surely not as dynamic as your father. You don’t frequently change your ideas or preferences like your father and you never insist on your children to be like you.

You would generally not show partialities and like to treat all equally. But sometimes, you may fail to strictly follow this rule due to several problems. You would like amass wealth and hold secret properties too while you strive to earn in multiple ways.

You are not a great thinker and you don’t want to be also but you would allow your family members to grow in multiple ways with creativity and innovative skills. You would be ready to extend full cooperation to them whenever necessary.

If you are a government employee, you don’t like frequent transfers and would oppose transfers tooth and nail.  But wherever you are, you would like to work hard and grow silently in your career. You don’t mind taking good and reasonable guidance from well experienced people.

Best suitable professions:

Private administration, government administration, medical professions including medical education, electronics, electricity department, politics, fire services, zoo and forest related careers are your best bet.

Astrological suggestions

Your main weakness is that you tend to feel you are the boss even if you work in lower category jobs. In such situations, you would like control your higher ups thriving upon their weak points.

If you are not the head of the organisation, you would follow your own set of rule and not care much for the established traditions and rules.

The other problem with you is that you don’t accept others’ point of view by sticking to your pre-conceived notions and ideas. You would do better if you try to be flexible and accommodate others’ view point also at times.

Note: The above are the general characteristics of people of Cancer (Karktakam) ascendant (Lagna) and they may be subject to small or big variations depending on the strength and weaknesses of planets and their combinations and aspects in natal charts.