Know your zodiacal traits and personality!


You would be aggressive in love, industrious in work, quick in taking decisions and fast in changing opinions about people. You don’t mind spending longer hours at your table in the process of reaching your targets. No other zodiacal sign is as short-tempered as you are and you are best known for taking spur-of- the-moment decisions.   Read More


No other zodiacal sign is as obedient as you are and you never defy the orders of your bosses and no other sign of the zodiac is as affectionate as you are towards others. You are the symbol of love and affection. You believe in enhancing your worth and value through hard work and building up your riches step by step. Read More



It is guaranteed that you are the most courageous and confident person than people of all other zodiacal signs. This means no other person on the earth is as confident as you are. You have the capacity to hide your feelings and you would never claim that your confidence and courage are irrevocable. Read More


You have the weakness of treating most of the people you know as your friends. You never consider anyone as your enemies and if necessary, you would remain a neutral personality in disputes. You don’t generally like rivalries. You are a dynamic personality but you are not greedy. You would surely seek growth but not at the cost of others. Read More



What is in store for KCR in TS assembly elections slated for Nov 2018?

Will he make it next time?

When KCR was first sworn in as the CM of TS, he was running the Rahu-Saturn-Jupiter-Venus period. Born in Mercury main period with a balance of two years six months and fourteen days, KCR was now running Venus sub period in the main period of Rahu. His Rahu main period ends on Sept 1, 2024.  The Venus sub period began on March 17, 2018 and will last till March 17, 2021. The question now is whether he can repeat the feat in the forthcoming TS assembly elections reportedly scheduled for the last week of Nov 2018. Read full article.



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Number 8 politicians born on 8, 17, 26 dates

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