Numbers killed actor-politician Hari Krishna!

Hari Krishna

Hari Krishna

Hari Krishna tragedy no different  from that of actress Soundarya, YSR

Did numbers kill the actor-politician Hari Krishna, father of the Tollywood heroes Kalyan Ram and Jr NTR? Yes, says Advanced Numerology.

He was killed in a car accident in Nalgonda district in the early hours of August 29. He was on his way to Nellore district from Hyderabad and driving the vehicle when the accident took place.

How numbers are related to the accident? When you examine the facts relating to the ghastly accident, you have to say that the numbers killed him as in case of the young actress Soundarya and the most popular  politician  YSR.  Soundarya died in a helicopter crash in 2004 while the then Chief Minister of the undivided AP, YSR, was killed in copter crash in 2009. In both cases, numbers played key role.

Advanced Numerology says that repeated occurrence of the influence of weak and damaging numbers would lead to disasters. See the following facts in case of Hari Krishna.

Hari Krishna was a Number 2 person

Hari Krishna was a Number 2 person as he was born on Sept 2, 1956. He completed 61 years of age and was running the year 62 when the tragedy took place.  62 is 8 when the digits are added up. He was the fourth son of the late legendary actor NTR.

Being a Number 2 person, he was also born in the year 56 of the 20th century. The year 56 results in 11 when the digits are added. And when 11 added up, it is 2.

This means he was inherently a weak personality, as per advanced numerology principles. Advanced Numerology considers 2 as the weakest number, 4 as unfortunate number and 8 as most unfortunate and dangerous number. Their combination becomes deadly as per Advanced Numerology.

The accident took place on August 29. The month is 8 in serial order and the date becomes 2 when the digits 2 and 9 are added up.

The day is Wednesday and becomes 4 in series of week days from Sunday .The star of the day is Uttarabhadra which equals to 26 in serial. 26 is 8.

The accident took place on National Highway 65. The figures become 2 when added up.

Not surprisingly, he was scheduled to reach Kavali in Nellore district at 8.30 a.m. 8 and 3 become 2 when added up .The registered number of the vehicle that killed him was AP 28 BW 2323. The digits in the number 28 + 2323 result in 2 when added up.

The district is Nalgonda which equals to 29 when translated into values.29 is 2 again.

This is nothing but repetition of the combination of weak and dangerous numbers 2, 4 and 8. This combination killed the actor-politician.  It was the weakest day in his life.

The same thing happened in case of actress Soundarya when she was killed in helicopter accident in 2004. But Numbers 4 and 8  dominated her tragedy. See the facts of her accident.


Actress Soundarya

(The following is an excerpt from astrologer-Numerologist J U B Sastry’s book Advanced Numerology with predictive techniques published in 2005.)

On April 17, 2004, she left for a small town in AP via Hyderabad from a Bangalore based airport in a 49 nine year old American-made mini plane, along with 3 others including the pilot. The day was a Saturday. The plane took off at 11.05 am and came down crashing and exploding at 11.08 am killing all the four occupants of the plane.

Now, see the power of 4 and 8

The number of the date was 8 (17= 1+7= 8)

The number of people aboard was 4.

The age number of the aircraft was 4 (49 years = 4+9 = 13 =1+3 = 4 )

The month number was 4 (if you count from January, April becomes 4

The year number was 4 in the century.

The age number of the actress was 4 (it was revealed later that she had completed 31 when she died in the crash:3+1=4

The numerical value of the day, Saturday, was 8 (Saturday represents 8 in numerology)

The plane crashed exactly at the 8th minute of the hour.

Here, double digit number 17 came in contact with fours and eights repeatedly and resulted in the tragic death of the heartthrob of the millions of Indian cine goers. It is not without significance that the Director General of Civil aviation, Government of India, declared after a thorough investigation into the crash, that the crash would not have taken place had only three persons including the pilot took off in the ill fated plane.

He cited the reason that the plane’s capacity was only four people but it carried more weight than the permitted one as it carried a drum of fuel in addition to the four victims.

There is no reason to suspect that the Government officer was equipped with the knowledge of numerology but certainly his argument carries weight as the influence of fours and eights could have been reduced drastically had there been only three persons in the plane.

(End of excerpt)

How Numbers played havoc with Dr.YSR’s life…


Dr YS Rajasekhara Reddy

Dr. Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy, who served as Chief Minister of undivided AP from 2004 to 2009, died in a helicopter crash on Sept 2, 2009.

Advanced Numerology says that repetition of number 8 for number 8 people, knowingly or even unknowingly, would result in a tragedy in one’s life.

And that is exactly what happened in the life of Dr. YSR who was haunted by the number 8 throughout his life. Consider the following events involving number 8 in his life.

Y. S. Rajasekhara Reddy was a Number 8 person as he was born on July 8, 1949. The year 49 becomes 13 which in turn becomes 4. His original name equals to 44 which again equals to 8 when added. YSR became the CM in 2004 for the first time. The year was 4 in the 21st century.

He dedicated the Krishnapatnam Port to the nation on July 17, 2008. At the request of YSR, Sonia Gandhi launched the Rajiv Arogya Sri Scheme in several uncovered districts on Jan 17, 2008. A delegation from Asian Development Bank met YSR in Hyderabad on Jan 17, 2008 .The then US Secretary of State Michael Leavit called on YSR on Jan 8, 2008. All these meetings took place on those dates at his instance only.

How the copter crashed

The helicopter went missing at 9:35 am. If you take only the time, it amounts to 8 as 3 plus 5 equals to 8. Even if you add the entire time, it equals to 8 again as 9 +3+ 5 equals to 17=8. YSR was associated with number 8 on some more occasions. The accident took place on date 2.

Advanced Numerology also says that repetition of energy number 9 in one’s life also leads to destruction. This becomes a reality especially when repetition of this powerful number is added to the repetition of number 8.

It is not without significance that YSR lost his life in the tragic air accident on Sept 2, 2009. The month of September equals to 9 as it is the 9th month in the year. The year 2009 means the 9th year of the 21st century. Now, can anyone say that numbers are without significance of any sort in any one’s life?

  • J U B Sastry