Cancer people don’t like rivalries

All about Cancer personalities

Cancer ( Karkatakam): If your Lagna (ascendant) is Cancer (Karkatakam), you would be a personality who strongly believes in a policy of slow and steady growth. You are just like a normal flow of water which only occasionally gets disturbed due to external pulls and pressures.

You have the weakness of treating most of the people you know as your friends. You never consider anyone as your enemies and if necessary, you would remain a neutral personality in disputes. You don’t generally like rivalries.

You are a dynamic personality but you are not greedy. You would surely seek growth and self-development but not at the cost of others. You would always try to be an independent personality but you would mostly end up depending on others.

You like your family members and siblings very much but some of your family members may consider you as their enemy. It may be that you are an obstacle to some of their activities.

You always want your family members to be of dignity and of royal nature, come what may. You don’t mind losing and wasting funds for this purpose.

It is also true that you want to be great thinker and think fresh and new always. You would encourage people who are innovative, research minded and who strive to learn things.

People can never know that you can use your intelligence power for negative and secretive purposes whenever necessary. Your sharp intelligence would long for vindictive action against your rivals but you may never adopt direct methods.

If you are a ruler, you will use your secret intelligence services to keep a vigil on your adversaries. If you have the money and opportunity, you don’t mind arranging secret locations for yourself to save your skin in times of distress and to keep off your powerful rivals.

If necessary, you don’t mind borrowing funds for your necessities but you would not borrow at random. Your borrowings would be based on your requirements and you would be ready with a plan to repay your loans.

You are always a cool human being but your children can be very violent and you don’t take objection to their being violent or otherwise. You would always be dynamic in your profession and you don’t mind changing your professions or activities. But in whatever profession you are, you would be very dynamic.

You would be a satisfied person if you get fixed income regularly.  You don’t mind making use of the services of your family members for your business enterprises if you are a business person.

One problem you always face in your life is your inability to decide on what is ethical and what is unethical, what is tradition and what is modern and what is good and what is bad.

Best suited professions 

With favourable planetary combinations in your chart, you can be a public personality engaged in local or national politics. Or you would be best suited to run an NGO or work for it. You can be the best public relations manager.

A career in Semi Government enterprises, irrigation department and water works can go a long way in shaping up your life. Rendering services for municipal administration, local corporations, shipping and transport, fishing, salt making, retail sales and related services would fetch you dividends.

If there are favourable Yogas involving Mars, Mercury and your tenth house, you can become a good share broker too.

Astrological suggestions 

You are prone to invite ups and down in your career and you may be more imaginative at times. Try to look at people, things and happenings in a practical way.

You have the weakness of loving people who don’t like you. Is it necessary for you? Keep off places and people that don’t like you or else you may have to live with humiliations and disgrace.

Note: The above are the general characteristics of people of Cancer (Karktakam) ascendant (Lagna) and they may be subject to small or big variations depending on the strength and weaknesses of planets and their combinations and aspects in natal charts.