KCR’s stars say it will be a cake walk for him

KCR  set to become CM again

By J U B Sastry

Kalvakuntla Chandra Sekhara Rao, TRS president and the Caretaker CM of Telangana state, is facing a litmus test in his political career. People and observers have their own interpretations whether KCR will lead TRS to victory again.

Popularly known as KCR, he successfully led the more-than-a-decade long T agitation, achieved Telangana state and went on to become Chief Minister of the newly created Telangana state.in 2014.

Telangana was formed on June 2, 2014 after the then President of India Pranab Mukherjee attested the Andhra Pradesh Reorganization Act 2014 on March 1, 2014 and an official Gazette notification was issued on June 2, 2014.

KCR was sworn in as CM of Telangana state on the same day. When KCR achieved the feat, he was running the Rahu-Saturn-Jupiter-Venus period.

(The source for the chart is the article Telangana could be a reality written by astrologer J U B Sastry and published in the Dec 2006 issue of Express Star Teller (EST).  In the article, he clearly predicted the formation of Telangna state but he erred on the timing of the formation.  The article is added as an image at the end of this article. If you are interested, take a look)

The question now is whether he can repeat the feat in the forthcoming TS assembly elections reportedly scheduled for the last week of Nov 2018. Let us take a look at his chart.

Born in Mercury main period with a balance of two years six months and fourteen days, KCR was now running Venus sub period in the main period of Rahu. His Rahu main period ends on Sept 1, 2024.  The Venus sub period began on March 17, 2018 and will last till March 17, 2021.

Powerful Yogas in KCR chart

Before analyzing his period to know whether he will again lead his TRS to victory in the TS assembly elections slated for Nov 2018, we have to look at the Yogas prevailing in the chart.

Exalted Saturn, the planet that gave him the political power, has formed Sasa Yoga, one of the Pancha Mahapursha Yogas. Saturn’s powerful aspect falls on Rahu, Lagna and Moon through third, seventh and tenth aspects respectively.

Saturn, as lord of tenth and eleventh houses, represents highest name and fame for the native. Such a Saturn has formed Maha Bhagya Yoga as it has situated in seventh house from his Mesha Lagna while the seventh house lord Venus has situated in eleventh house.  This exchange of houses between Venus and Saturn is a rare Rasi Parivarthan Yoga.

The first rated Yoga Karaka planets for this Lagna are Sun and Moon as they are lords of fifth Kona and fourth Kendra respectively. While Sun is associated with Venus and Mercury in the eleventh house, Moon is situated in its own sign Cancer.

As Sun stands for political power and administration, its association with Venus, lord of powerful seventh house, results in yet another powerful political power Yoga. Seventh house is tenth house from tenth house and also represents political power.

The combination of Sun and Venus in the eleventh house therefore reflects his political power and works as a magnifier of ruling powers. Of course, the association of Mercury produces some thorns on his way and the world had already witnessed the thorns that came in the form of his T agitation.

Lagna and 8th house Lord Mars is situated in eighth house in own sign in Scorpio. This is good in the sense it will be helpful in giving him longevity. But Mars aspect on the combination of Sun, Venus and Mercury also boosts up the strength of the Yoga.

The mutual aspect between Mars and Jupiter results in Guru-Mangala Yoga and boosts up his morale and will power.  This is the Yoga that made him strongly believe that his actions are always correct and he is always on the right path. This is also the Yoga that made him an achiever and partly contributed to his achieving Telangana state.

The mutual trine positions of Saturn, Venus and Ketu result in Tapaswi Yoga indicating that he would not rest until he achieves what he wants.

Rahu acts like Saturn

As Rahu is placed in powerful trine, the ninth house in Sagittarius under the aspect of Saturn, the shadowy planet acts like Saturn and this is the reason why he achieved Tealgnana during his Rahu-Saturn period.

Now, with a strong and irrevocable confidence, KCR dissolved the assembly seeking fresh mandate from the people. Going by the reports that the TS assembly elections are likely be held in the last week of Nov 2018, the timing coincides with his Rahu-Venus-Moon period.

I have already said that Saturn is the planet that gave him political power as it is involved in Sasa yoga. Such a powerful Saturn is influencing both Rahu and Moon through its aspects. Again, it is also influencing Venus through Rasi Parivarthana Yoga.

KCR’s Moon sub-sub period in the Venus sub period in the main period of Rahu starts from Nov 13, 2018 and ends on Feb 10, 2019.

This means he will retain his status as CM if elections are held any day between Nov 13, 2018 and Feb 10, 2019. The periods indicate he will lead his TRS party to victory in the elections.

(The following  is the article Telangana could be a reality  by J U B Sastry published in the Dec 2006 issue of Express Star Teller, an astrology magazine belonging to the Indian Express Group, Chennai.)






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